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About Me

I'm Laura Waudby and my life is a bit chaotic.  I am coming out the other side of having raised 2 puppies alongside a 6 month old tiny human who just started crawling.  Not recommended!

But when dogs are your life, then you make it work!  And it was at a time in my life when I suddenly, desperately, needed dogs!

Fans of my training videos need to look past the tiny circus of 2 young children running around, one of them often holding a pool noodle and battling invisible creatures. Although often I think people watch my videos just for the chaotic entertainment.

I have dipped my toes in several sports including disc dog, dock diving, retriever training, and nosework.  However, my main focus lies in preparing dogs for obedience, rally, and agility trials.  

Dog sports training is not just a passion for me; it's an obsession. What really gets me excited is creative problem-solving.  I love experimenting and tweaking methods until I find the perfect one for the unique dog in front of me.

My passion for competitive obedience lies in the challenge of keeping training fun while also maintaining precision!  I am intrigued by how to keep that attitude, energy, and accuracy in trials. Obedience doesn't need to be boring!

Due to my first toller's (Vito) anxiety issues, I developed a special interest in helping dogs who get more than a bit of stage fright in competitions.  I get it; trying to prepare our sensitive dogs for the ring can be tough and the journey can feel lonely.  It is my goal to help guide you through the extra training needed and be your support system. I want the world to see the amazing dog you know you have! 

I currently offer online private coaching as well as teaching online classes for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy! Online coaching allows me to carefully review your videos and provide you with step-by-step guidance and tons of video examples (if you can ignore the background chaos!). You can keep referring back to it as often as you need.

Oh and cats.  My kitty Freya would be upset if she didn't get to insert herself into this story and tell you all about how she can learn everything the dogs can.  Virtual obedience and rally titles, here we come!

Why Work With Me?

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