Private Lessons

I am not offering private lessons in person at this time.  

But you still have the option of doing online privates!  (Head over to the Online page for more info about that program!)

Group Classes at TCOTC

I offer group glasses at TCOTC in Minneapolis, Minnesota focusing on competitive obedience and foundations for dog sports.

Currently I am there on Monday nights with classes at 7pm and 8:15pm.  

Competition Obedience:

I offer a non-structured class where students can work on exercises of their choosing from foundations through utility obedience.  We have 2-3 full rings so students can spread out! 

Think open ring time with the benefit of having a coach help you out when needed and other students to use as judges, stewards, and distractions!  Dogs can still be at the foundation level to join us but handlers should have an understanding of the behaviors needed in competitive obedience if they wish to start directly in the competition class instead of starting at the intermediate or advanced levels at TCOTC.  If you are looking for more "how to" guidance on numerous exercises I recommend joining the advanced or intro to competition classes first.

Held on Monday nights at 8:15pm.  This is a drop in class so you can come when your schedule cooperates!

Intro to Competition Obedience:

This class continues the skills learned in the Advanced Obedience class and takes them to the next level to prepare for the official chains in novice, open, and utility!  This is a structured class. 


To join, students should already have pivoting skills (ready to keep working pivoting without a perch), a retrieve to hand and/or a hold, an understanding of how to work their position changes with front and/or rear foot targets.  Ideally, students will also have the other TEAM1 skills discussed in the advanced class (such as cone sends, sending to a vertical target, backing up to a target...)

Next session: November 22, 2021  Mondays at 7pm

Ring Confidence 1 & 2:

For fixing ring stress and focus issues and to create a solid ring preparation routine to prepare a young dog for trialing.  This class is offered on a more limited basis, please contact me if you are interested.

Ring Confidence 1: Spring 2022

Bye-Bye Cookie: 

A class looking at getting happy and confident performances when your rewards are located off your body and at a distance.  This is an intermediate level class designed for both pet dogs and competition oriented dogs.  This class is offered on a more limited basis, please contact me if you are interested.

Next session: August 16 2021 

Advanced Obedience:

This class looks at taking your basic obedience behaviors and taking them to the next level for those interested in dog sports or for those just wanting to do more with their dog!  We will start introducing more competitive obedience behaviors, including all of those in TEAM level 1 & preparation for TEAM2. (minus scent work). 


Some of the behaviors include: backing up, retrieves, jump work, pivoting in heel, go outs, position changes in heel and at a distance, and fronts.


Dogs need to have successful completion of TCOTC's intermediate class or instructor permission.  In general, an understanding of beginning pivot work and general focus with working around other dogs (on leash) are needed.

Next session: TBD

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