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About Laura

My name is Laura Waudby (she/her) and I reside just outside Minneapolis, MN.

My passion for competitive obedience lies with the challenge of keeping training fun while also maintaining precision!  I am intrigued by how to keep that attitude, energy, and accuracy in trials. 


Due to Vito’s anxiety issues, I developed a special interest in helping dogs who tend to stress and worry in competitions.  I want the world to see the amazing dog you know you have!


I  teach online classes for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy! Online classes are highly effective and I wholeheartedly recommend taking courses from me or any of my talented coworkers! Tons of video examples and step by step instructions to read right in front of you!


For 10 years I was also a trainer at the local ADI accredited service dog organization.  My job ranged as the head trainer where I directly worked with the dogs in for final training and deciding what their “major” was (mobility assist, diabetic alert, hearing alert, seizure response, and autism assist), to then switching departments to conduct classes, seminars, and lead the behavioral program for the foster families.


Because I have personally done the final training for well over 300 dogs from labradors to terriers, I have the experience to help you with problem solving!  I love experimenting and finding creative solutions!

In addition to obedience, I actively train for and compete in agility. And I occasionally dabble in training for other sports including disc dog, dock diving, gundog, and nose work.


Personal play with toller
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