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I currently have 2 young dogs, and 1 cat!

All 3 are working on competitive obedience, rally, and agility skills.  Scroll to read more about them

Current Dogs




Loot was an unplanned addition to the family after I was grieving the loss of my puppy Wren.  He is my first border collie and has a whole new world to teach me about.  

I often say that Loot is a golden retriever in a border collie body with his over-the-top adoringness of all people.  We spent the majority of our first year together working on being able to eat food at home and in different environments, and learning to keep calm when people look at him. It's still a work in progress!

He is a BIG THINKER type of border collie who needs things broken down into the smallest of smallest pieces so he doesn't worry about knowing the answer.  

We are just stepping into the agility competition world, and hopefully someday he will be able to step foot in the obedience ring as well. 




Ginny was a visitor to my house that I ended up "stealing" to be mine.  She has fabulous happy boings and fantastic snuggling.  She reminds me a lot of her amazing aunt Zumi and of course, brings a lot of her own unique traits to the table as well.  

Ginny is an eager worker but lower in energy than many of my previous tollers, despite her extreme vertical hops! Bringing out that speed and motivation is a big goal of ours for agility.

She is also extremely nervous around people so we are approaching trial prep for obedience carefully and slowly.  Ginny will tell me if she will ever be able to handle the competition ring and I'll do my best to listen




Freya Kitty is a Maine Coon that loves to eat and thus loves to train. She was picked out because I always wanted a fun cat to train, but realized I didn't want an actual high energy cat who would need a lot of "work" to keep fulfilled. 

Freya meets that goal!  She loves to be involved, but isn't going to break any speed records in her work!  Her cattness comes out often in desires to just rub me or the targets instead.  

Freya is proud to say that she is the only cat to have earned her TEAM Obedience level 1 title, and TEAM rally 1 title!

Freya is also proud to be a fully recovered FIP Warrior.

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