Lance the Corgi

Lance has been my guinea pig dog as he introduced me to the world of dogs sports and patiently taught me how to train, and retrain behaviors to hold up in trial environments.

He LOVED to train and even loved to trial.  The bigger the trial environment, the more excited he was to show off to the crowd. And the crowd adored his happiness, his prancing, and sometimes even ridiculous antics.


Before an injury forced a very early retirement, Lance achieved his UDX, OM2, and 50pts plus all needed wins towards his OTCH in AKC obedience.  Lance also competed in CDSP obedience earning his OTCH-C, WCRL rally earning multiple level 3 championships, and a brief stint in AKC rally earning his RE.  In agility Lance primarily competed in NADAC at the elite level and was close to earning his championship.

corgi dog sports

Loot (Border Collie)

Loot is the newest addition to our family.  I look forward to playing with him and preparing him for the world of obedience and agility!


Mayhem (Toller)

Mayhem entered our house spring 2021, just 2 months younger than Loot!  Bring on the mayhem!

In Memory Of


Zumi the Duck (Toller) 10/9/14 - 4/23/2021

Zumi left us suddenly in her sleep at 6yrs old with no known cause found. She was the most thrilling partner I've ever had. Zumi loved to work and play hard and her antics cracked me up on a daily basis.  She wasn't the most confident girl in life, but her desire to do ALL the things was strong.  Zumi actively competed in obedience, rally, and agility.  She was teaching me how to work with dogs who get overly aroused, yet are also a bit nervous with people pressure!


In obedience, she earned her AKC CDX title and CDSP CDX-C title.  She had just started competing in utility and earned her first leg before the pandemic hit.  In rally she earned her AKC RA and WCRL RL3 before we focused on obedience.  The obedience ring was hard for her with the people pressure, but she loved to show the world how obedience can be done with speed, precision, and just a little bit of squealing.  

In agility, she competed in USDAA and UKI and earned her first championship title!  She was on her way to doing really big things in agility as I tried to up my handling game to keep up with her.  I miss this dog more than can possibly be imagined. 

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Vito The Toller 10/31/08 - 11/13/2020

Vito was my special dog who struggled greatly with anxiety issues in daily life and in the competition world.  He taught me a lot on how to motivate dogs and help those with ring stress.

Vito had the most success in conquering his anxiety and motivation issues in the agility ring.  He primarily competed in USDAA and UKI agility, earning multiple championship titles in both organizations. 


In obedience we continued to work towards finding the right plan to help him feel happy in the ring, and were pretty successful in lower key environments like CDSP! In CDSP obedience Vito earned his UD-C, and in AKC obedience he earned his CD, PCDX, and RE.  In WCRL rally he had his RL3.

toller dog sports

Wren (Toller) 11/27/2019-11/14/2020

Wren I only got to know a short time before she passed due to lymphoma at the tender age of 11 months.  She was the world's happiest girl who loved spending time with her people more than anything else.  She was the perfect family dog and was introducing my daughter to the love of dogs.


Service Dogs

Over 10 years, I have had the joy of personally training several hundred service dogs in training of a variety of breeds. Labs, poodles, and collies to adorable tiny terriers, spaniels, and even a schipperke.  


A few I personally puppy raised from puppies all the way through their final training until they moved on to their client.  And most I worked with during their "final training" over a period of several weeks to months as I trained the skills they would need to become an eager service dog partner. It wasn't uncommon for dogs to also enter my home for evaluations and/or long term fosters for various reasons.

The last few years working with the service dogs I switched roles and went to training their fosters how to help them grow into confident and well mannered adults.  


Every dog I work with teaches me something new about training and I will always smile as I think about their individual stories.