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Online Private Coaching

If you ever have ever felt overwhelmed on where to start training a new behavior or how to troubleshoot an existing one then private coaching is a great option!


Topics are of your choice and can be on anything from obedience and agility to tricks and service dog behaviors!  Many of my students specifically work on trial preparation and ring confidence!  (Note: I can help train agility foundations but do NOT train agility handling.)


Private coaching can also be set up as a regular "check-in" to get feedback on how behaviors are progressing.  People often find that having an experienced trainer guide you through your goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable for training sessions.


Generally, I find that we can cover a lot more information in less time with online privates versus in person privates as you are not “on the clock” when you’re trying to process feedback and we don’t have to worry about exhausting your dog with a full hour of work in one sitting!


corgi obedience heeling

How Does it Work?

You can ask me as many questions as you want, as well as submit video of your training sessions for me to watch.


You get my feedback in written form so you can actually remember my suggestions and even reread them as often as you need to! 


You can also compare my notes to the exact second of video that I am referring to.  This allows you to actually see what you are physically doing, how the dog is responding, and receive help in getting your training clear and efficient.

Training can thus be done in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule.

The Details

This coaching service can be set up through the use of OneNote to organize topics and feedback by subject, or through email.


Feedback is not done “live” at a set time but is a back and forth exchange.  I will keep track of my time spent on responses and will let you know when your hour(s) are up.  Send me your questions and any video clips of your training you want me to watch! 

Responses to your videos and questions are typically done within 24-48hrs.


All you need to submit videos is the camera on your phone, a tripod or another way to prop it up, and then a quick upload to youtube!


What are you struggling with?​

Sign Up

The number of students I coach at one time is limited; contact me to ask when I'm opening up spots next!


I charge $90/hr or you can sign up for a package of 4 hours for $320 and have 4 months to use it. I also offer a monthly coaching plan for ongoing students who want more accountability and guiding in their training.


Most ongoing students take about 2 months to use 4 hrs with semi-regular check-ins.  If you're new, the first hours go pretty fast as I get to know your dog and communicate the outline of the training techniques.


You can email me at to ask your questions! 


Tell me what you are struggling with!

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