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Zumi running back to the camera after wrapping a cone

Online Private Coaching

A personalized training plan and the accountability to help you meet your goals. 

I specialize in preparing teams for competition and working with sensitive dogs!

Why You Need This

You Dream of A Happy and Confident Dog

You've seen how brilliant your dog looks when they are heeling. Bright eyes, unwavering focus, and the unmistakable feeling of true teamwork. 


You know your dog can blaze through that agility course. It's exhilarating to run them at home!

But as soon as you enter the ring everything changes. Your dog, who was once the picture of perfect focus and excitement, suddenly can't see or hear you.  Their nose might become magnetized to the ground or they may run off visiting others. 

You become transformed too as you don't know how to get back on track. You become a nag, desperately coaxing your dog to the startline, begging them to setup. Hoping for the best. 

You might manage to qualify, but it's not the image of teamwork and fun you had envisioned. 
You want the world to see how brilliant your dog really is!

Unleash Thier Potential

If you've been struggling to navigate the challenges of trials, you're not alone.  While I can't provide a magic wand, I can offer something just as powerful – experience, expertise, and unwavering support.

I've been there.  Trialing with a sensitive and anxious dog is not an easy journey. I've owned these wonderfully special dogs. And I'm currently parenting 2 anxious children as well as facing my own anxiety challenges. 


I've gotten very good at breaking down steps into small, manageable pieces. Knowing what to expect decreases anxiety. Knowing what to do builds confidence.

A Clear Roadmap

Often we get overwhelmed with a training plan.  My classes are jam-packed with a wealth of steps and instructional videos! However this abundance of information can lead to paralysis.  

What do we prioritize? Where do we start?

And how do we keep motivated to keep training?!

I love breaking things down into bite-sized steps. Let me give you that roadmap, one step at a time!

I'll help you move forward when you feel stuck at the same step or hold you back when you're lumping. 

We can work on just one topic, or give you a complete plan from foundations to trials. Helping you to juggle the skills and make sure nothing is put on the back burner for too long!


Sometimes we need a bit of a poke to get moving.  Someone to check in on us and figure out why we are stuck, and then change things up a bit to move us along. 

Use me for that accountability piece in your training!  I'm there for you.

Ginny bouncing at Laura's side while walking

Fill out this form  if interested!

Training Plans


1 Hour

Best for a few quick questions on a single exercise.


3 Hour Package

Get started training with me!  We can dive into as many topics as you'd like; teaching you all the skills you'll need for obedience, or develop a plan for fixing those ring stress issues.


Monthly Coaching Plan

The Accountability plan!  This plan has no time clock and is designed for students who want daily or several times a week check-ins towards their goals.  Posting daily is encouraged and I will give you a gentle poke to get you back on track as neeeded. No guilt, just help towards your goals. 

This plan can be renewed or canceled each month. 

Working with Laura has been nothing short of amazing for my progress with training my sports dogs. Her feedback is thorough and very personalized for my individual dogs and my needs. And her training approach has made me simply fall in love with teaching the foundations, as well as working on the precision of obedience; two parts of my training that I used to struggle with. And my dogs love her learning process. This is by far the most progress I've seen in my training and I highly recommend Laura!
  • How does this work online?
    You will send me your questions and a video link to your training session. I will then write my feedback and post your next steps! Often I'll include video examples for you to get a clearer picture of what the next step is.
  • Is feedback done live?
    No. Post whenever you are able to! I respond in the evenings (central time). I keep track of the time it takes for me to read, watch, and respond and will let you know when your time is up for anyone not on the monthly plan.
  • I'm technology challenged! What do I need for this?
    Your phone to record videos, a small tripod with a phone attachment, and the ability to upload to youtube (unlisted so only I can see it!). You may also want to download a free video editor app for your phone such as imovie or any similar app to trim your videos down. This isn't required though, and many students will simply film a few quick reps and then send me the entire short video!
  • How often can I post, and when will you respond?
    You can post daily if you like! Students on my monthly accountability plan are encouraged to check in daily or close to it, and are limited to 2 videos a day. ​ I respond in the evenings, typically every 24hrs and monthly students are prioritized. I do not check in on Mondays.
  • How long will my time last for?
    This will depend on a variety of factors such as how often you post, how long your videos are, whether we are new to working with each other or working on a new topic, etc. In general, the first 2-3hrs will go by pretty fast if we are just starting out and developing a plan. After that, most students posting twice a week or less will take about 1.5-2mo to use 3hrs. You have 4 months to use your time. ​ For those wanting accountability and/or a complete training plan then you will want to look at the monthly training plan with no time clock.

Fill out this form  if interested!

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