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Free Zen Bowl Workshop

Ditch Those Cookies!

Well, kinda. I actually want to give your dog lots and lots of cookies. But I also want to get both of you comfortable in how to work with rewards out of your pocket!

Why you NEED this skill:

  • Your dog struggles to focus without a high rate of rewards

  • Your dog looks amazing outside the ring as you warmup. And then the moment you cross the threshold into the ring it all falls apart

  • You've tried to use FEO/NFC with a toy, or even UKI's food box, and it still didn't go great

  • You feel like you have to shove treats in your dog's mouth all the way up to the ring gate, saving that last piece of food until the moment before you enter the ring. 

  • You find yourself falling into predictable patterns of always rewarding at certain points in your training (every contact obstacle? every halt in heeling? every "exercise finished")

Learn the beginning steps of teaching a zen bowl. This is your first step in teaching your dog how to happily work when they know you don't have treats or toys on you!  (And yes you can do these same steps with a toy reward!)

This is a free 25min webinar as a huge thank you for joining my training list!  

What Will you Learn?

What is a zen bowl and why might you choose to use it instead of a food robot or a sealed container?

How do you teach your dog to focus on you and not the food?

What do you do if the dog goes to the reward too early?

How to help your dog easily focus on you even when moving.

When to introduce "work" with the reward at a distance.

Want More Help?

My Bye Bye Cookie class spends 6 weeks going in depth over this webinar plus all the other skills you need to truly have a dog that will work regardless of where the rewards are located.  

This is a MUST HAVE for any dog sport!

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