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Bye Bye Cookie
Bye Bye Cookie

April 1, 2024


6 Week online class

Bye Bye Cookie

Learn how to have your dog happily opt-in to work when they see you set all the rewards down at a distance! We will discuss using a "Zen bowl" (unguarded food!) or a toy on the ground.

Time & Location

April 1, 2024

6 Week online class

About the event

Do you struggle to get your dog's attention without a cookie in your hand?  Are you tried of your dog only responding to a cue until you reach into your pocket?

Or perhaps you've dreamed of being able to pre-place the reward on the ground in your training without your dog running straight to it. Imagine being able to set their toy (or food bowl!) ]at the end of the weaves to reward their independent send!

This foundation level class is perfect for you.

In this class, we will help your dog develop the ability to work and focus even when there is no reward on your body. We will build up your dog's ability to work no matter where the reward is located and without any type of lid to prevent stealing!

We want our dogs to willingly leave the reward and confidently know they will get it later!  The goal is an eager dog with a clear head.

Throughout the class, we will cover a variety of topics, including

  • Choosing to ignore distractions
  • Developing a marker cue for rewards off our body
  • Leaving the reward to work at a distance
  • Introduction to increasing the duration of work between rewards
  • Keeping focus and staying on task even when the work takes you near the reward location. (Heeling, recalls, "sends" in agility and obedience...)

Dogs of any age and experience level are welcome, although I recommend that they are at least 6 months old. Whether you're looking to build a stronger bond with your dog or improve their performance in obedience or agility, this class is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Head here March 22nd to register!

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