Let the world see the amazing dog you have!  Get the happy dog you have in practice into the competition ring!

Welcome to the training site for Laura Waudby . 

Laura (she/her) has a strong interest in creating motivation and confidence in dogs that struggle, either through genetics or through less than ideal training, to make it into the competition ring.  Laura specializes in helping dogs to reach their maximum potential in trials, bringing the happy dog you have in practice to the competition ring!


Laura also works on foundations for all dog sports and actively competes in obedience, rally, and agility.

Students all over the world work with Laura to fix their sports training in online classes,  and online coaching.  Those local to Minneapolis, Minnesota can also visit Laura in group classes or private lessons.

corg obedience NOC happy engagement
Instagram: @laura.waudby
Tik Tok: @laura.waudby
Facebook: @laurawaudby